Wastewater presentations at the 2015 CBC

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I was one of four panelists at the Craft Brewers Conference, speaking on the topic of brewery wastewater. Links to all of our wastewater presentations are below. As I’ve been preaching to you all, brewery wastewater is a big deal- or at least it can be. It depends on local conditions. Our talks were short, we were limited to 7 minutes each, the talk was followed with breakout sessions for each of us, talking to audience members about whatever they had questions about.

Eppa Rixey of Lagunitas Brewing Co. started the discussion with a history of wastewater at their brewery in California. Their history actually includes getting kicked out of town when they were first starting out due to them causing fermentation in a septic tank and ‘shit beer’ backing up in to people’s houses. Did I mention brewery wastewater is a big deal? Here is his presentation. They are heading down the anaerobic treatment route now, using a Cambrian Innovation system. If you have questions about this system, feel free to contact William Dean with Cambrian Innovation directly.

I was next on deck. My talk was about the basics of brewery wastewater, questions to ask your local sewer authority, and some outside the box options for avoiding pretreatment. My target audience is small to medium sized production brewers, maybe less than 100,000 bbls per year of production. Pretreatment of brewery wastewater is cool, you can use anaerobic technologies to generate valuable methane gas from your wastewater. But it’s expensive and many breweries cannot afford it. Use your limited money to make more and better beer, not treating wastewater. My whole website is based educating all of you and helping you save money in your wastewater struggles. Here is a link to the PDF of my presentation.

Next was Todd Hasselbeck of Purpose Energy. Todd is VP of sales for Purpose Energy, an anaerobic equipment supplier for breweries and other high strength dischargers. They have 2 installations at craft breweries in the US, Dogfish Head and Magic Hat. Todd’s presentation summed up their performance at these breweries, and offered advice for breweries looking at pretreatment options.  Here is Todd’s presentation and you can email him here.

Wrapping it all up was Tim Rynders of CDM Smith. His talk focused on the value of piloting systems before making the major purchase and installing a full sized system. His talk focused on his experience at New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, and the challenges they face at the Ashville, NC brewery (primarily space). Unfortunately Tim’s presentation isn’t convertable to PDF, but you can click here for the audio of the entire 30 minute-ish presentation.  Here is Tim’s email.

Our moderator was Walker Modic of Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He had the enviable task of introducing all of us and keeping us to our 7 minute limit. Thanks Walker.

For those of you who have been to the CBC, you know the opportunity it presents to craft brewers. For those of you who haven’t been there, you really should go. Even if you don’t go to any talks, there is a huge exhibition hall full of suppliers of all things brewing. Keg lines, coasters, growlers, depalletizers, kegs, glass, caps, hats, shirts, stickers, hops, malt, brewhouses, boilers… It’s all there under one roof. It’s a great learning opportunity, a chance to network with the other 11,500 brewers and suppliers who attend, and it’s a lot of fun too.

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