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By October 8, 2014Mechanical, Piping, Uncategorized

Short post this week, I broke my right hand working in my pasture (I tripped).  My hand is in a cast and typing is a wee bit difficult.

A quick little idea when your having pipes mounted on the wall, you’ll probably use a material called Unistrut.  When specifying your strut with the plumbers or mechanical guys make sure that they install ~2 ft in each location or more.  What this does is it gives you extra strut on the wall so as you modify or expand in future years it makes that job a lot easier. Normally what will happen is the plumber will install 6 inches of strut on the wall to hold up one or two pipes- it’s all he needs.  But if you have a few feet up there then you have a lot of space down the road to install more pipe very easily.

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