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Questions to ask when locating a brewery

By February 2, 2015Babble

Thinking of starting a brewery? Heck yeah. Good for you.

In your search for the perfect property, please, pay at least a little attention to wastewater. Here are some questions to think about as you look at various properties:

Is the site connected to a sewer system?

Is there capacity at the local wastewater treatment plant?

Is the nearby sewer main gravity or pressurized?

What are the storm water requirements at this site?

Where will the water come from?

Is the water quality steady throughout the year?

Is there capacity in the water system?

Simple stuff but quite often people don’t ask these questions- or any questions, before deciding a site is right for their brewery.

There will be more questions to ask once you narrow down your search to a few specific sites. Limits and surcharges are biggies. Contact me for more detailed information.

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