Post CBC wrap-up

By April 21, 2015 CBC, Presentations

Howdy folks, I’m happy to say that I survived the CBC! That event keeps getting bigger and bigger, and better and better.  For me it was a trip back to my home state, catching up with friends and former co-workers, and meeting a lot of clients for the first time.  Lots of work and lots of fun crammed in to 4 days.  I rented a bike with grand visions of riding along the river and enjoying quirky Portlandia, but instead I spent most of my time in the conference center.  Oh well.

I also did a talk about brewery wastewater basics.  My guess is 80-90% of the crowd at the CBC are small brewers (by my own definition this means <50k bbls/yr).  The money in brewery wastewater is for the bigger breweries that have larger amounts of wastewater, more cash flow, and are a bigger impact in the town.  Therefor the talks at these types of things tend to focus on this crowd.  My talk was not directed at these breweries, my talk was directed at the small brewers who don’t really know much about wastewater- and their city doesn’t either.  But they both have needs.  Small production brewers, you are my target audience.

Click here to see my presentation.  Eventually I will try to get the audio on here too.  Not sure how awesome the audio is, I was pretty nervous up there.  Anyway, I’m glad to be back home with my family, enjoying the work I do and enjoying my cattle, pigs, and chickens out in the pasture.


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