Well whatdayaknow, a hop farm recently got started near my offices and they have hops for sale.  Billy Goat Hop Farm, LLC has Cascade, Chinook, Crystal and Nugget hops available; 2018 will be their first harvest year.  I’m putting this up on my website just to help them out, I don’t want to be a middle man, please contact them direct if you’re interested.  Contact info at the bottom of the page.I have a farm in Montrose and people knowing my brewing background would ask why I didn’t start a hop farm.  I know how much work goes in to running any farm, plus the crazy capital of the posts, cables, wires, harvesting equipment, etc. for a hop farm.  After seeing what these guys have gone through, including times like this, I’m glad I didn’t start a hop farm:But here is a nicer view of their farm from spring 2018, ready for the hops to get rolling.  As we drive by, I tell my 4 yr old daughter it’s a dinosaur cage.  She always says ‘Daddy, pull over so we can see the pterodactyls!’.

Here is their contact information.  Best to all of you!

Chris DellaBianca