Free information that I have written, researched, drawn, photographed, or recorded in my travels to breweries around the world…

CBC 2017

This is a talk I gave at the 2017 Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, DC.  It was a 1 hour talk on the basics of brewery wastewater, with some diagrams, budget figures, and options available.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


This is a talk I researched, wrote and presented at the MBAA National Convention in 2007 about brewery wastewater.  This is a survey of US breweries from tiny to huge, successes and failures.  There is a ton of information here.  It’s a PowerPoint, feel free to ask any questions.


This is a poster I researched, wrote and presented on a different subject at the MBAA National Convention in 2007.  This is a summary of utility usage rates for various breweries around the country and of different sizes.  Again, there is a ton of information here and it is very valuable to brewers when it comes to projecting future energy demands and preparing budgets.  Note how I did this back in 2007 and the Brewers Association has a sustainability subcommittee where one of their tasks is utility bench marking.  Ahead of my time- as usual!

CBC 2015

I was one of four panelists at the Craft Brewers Conference, speaking on the topic of brewery wastewater. As I’ve been preaching to you all, brewery wastewater is a big deal- or at least it can be. It depends on local conditions. Our talks were short, we were limited to 7 minutes each, the talk was followed with breakout sessions for each of us, talking to audience members about whatever they had questions about. Follow this link to see the rest of the presentations.

2015 FORUM

Much to your surprise, I gave a talk at this conference about brewery wastewater.  The talk was given in a suburb of Toronto.  Ontario is experiencing a craft brewing boom along with the rest of north america.  Some of you may appreciate the scenario, the breweries are growing so fast they don’t have time to slow down and focus on sustainability, energy conservation, etc., while the cities don’t have the knowledge of the impact of a brewery on their sewer system.

Brewers of Indiana Guild

In spring 2016 I gave a talk at the Indiana Craft Brewers Conference.  Wastewater best practices for the craft brewer.  Please take a look and let me know if you have questions.  (I did remove some of the content, I can’t give everything away;)


Here is a gallery of pictures of what I’m certain by now is everyone’s favorite subject.  Brewery wastewater!  These are from small and large breweries in the US and Europe.  Quite a range of systems here; some I built, some photographed while I was touring Europe.  What I love to see is that even at some of the very large, modern European breweries it’s still some pretty basic systems that keep it all running.

Videos are coming soon, once I figure out what I want to record.  Suggestions are welcome (use contact me at the bottom).


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