I offer ongoing support to all of my customers. My primary goal is to make sure you are satisifed and supported so you can focus on other things.  A reality in the consulting world is the relationship with customers often ceases after the last invoice. That’s not good for anyone, so I want to change that.

You know me, I live and breathe breweries and wastewater challenges, and I also know your brewery. I stay up to date on the latest and greatest technologies out there, and the beer industry in general. The goal is 100% uptime on your system and no hair pulling. As I’m sure you’re aware, nobody wants to mess with wastewater, so the system suffers from neglect and problems only arise after some sort of failure. Like anything, the system works but it does require some care and attention.

With ongoing monitoring from me, you can be assured maximum uptime on your system. Without this support, I am out the door after that last invoice. Of course I will be available to you, but my schedule is busy and I may no be able to fit you in right away.

I can act as a consultant to you or your staff and I can help train employees. This doesn’t need to be forever, maybe for the first year only? You can cancel any time. Let’s face it, reading wastewater permits and discharge ordinances sucks. One advantage I have is I have seen hundreds of these things.

So what am I offering?

OPTION A, Basic support

 – Up to one hour of free support per month for questions and tech support.
 – I do a monthly summary of the datalog.
 – I will highlight time in and out compliance.
      — I will highlight total gallons to sewer, average gallons per day, peak, low and average pH, anything unusual, and opportunities for improvement.
      — Over time I will show your data on a chart, and explicitly compare each statistic to last month and 12-months ago (once we get there).
– Cost is $300 per month.

OPTION B, Full support

– All of Option A plus:
An additional hour of free support per month for questions and tech support (2 hrs total).
A monthly report showing exactly what we did and how it is improving the system.
      — Complete the monthly/quarterly/annual discharge report, if applicable.
      — Summarize alarms and corrective action or recommendations.
      — A summary of other work I have done, such as:
         — Calibrations done.
         — Blog posts written.
         — Conferences attended or coming up.
         — Recent projects and their challenges.
Cost is $700 per month.

OPTION C, Premium Package

 – All of Option A and B plus:
An additional hour of free support per month for questions and tech support (3 hrs total).
      — I could become your part-time sustainability guy.
      — I could do utility tracking and benchmarking for you.
Help with CIP chemical usage and tracking, such as caustic per bbl…
Name the task, we’ll figure it out.
Cost is $1000 per month or we can negotiate.

Compare any of this to an employee! Site visits, if any, would be billed separately. Let me know what you think or if you have questions. John