It doesn’t matter what stage you are in; maybe you’re in the planning stages, or maybe you built a brewery and you’re up and running and now you are having wastewater headaches?  No problem, I can help.

Peruse this website for free information about brewery wastewater.  I offer this material free to anyone who would want to use it.

I also offer consulting services to breweries large and small.

What you can expect by hiring me is expert knowledge, phone calls, emails, spreadsheets, and drawings.  For most projects I can do everything remotely, how much time it takes me depends on the complexity of the project.  This bit of money up front will save you many times over- probably within the first year.  The way I see it, spending some money for guidance will save you many thousands in near and long term expenses.  

I have been down this road before, I know which pumps, floor coatings, trench drains, piping and any other materials work best.  I also can be a lot of help in working with public works and economic development authorities.  A colleague at Sierra Nevada Brewery said it best with respect to brewery wastewater, “It’s not rocket science, but it is science.”

A common mistake I have seen in breweries all over is to assign a contractor to design and install the wastewater system; someone with little to no experience in this specific field.  This could be a chemical provider or it could be your general contractor.  One specific example is a brewery in the Pacific Northwest who allowed a cleaning chemical provider to design the wastewater system at a medium sized production brewery.  The brewery bought and installed the equipment as specified and it failed immediately.  It turns out the chemical company specified a stainless steel submersible pump in their lift station, but it was a drinking water well pump and could not handle solids.  $1000 for that pump down the drain- not to mention poor equipment choices for pH and level control.  I designed and installed a retrofit system in to their existing infrastructure with proven materials for minimal cost.

Other areas where I can help are in boilers, cooling towers, spent grain & yeast, cleaning chemical analysis, utility usage, chemical distribution, budget preparation, and safety.

Rest assured that by choosing me to design your brewery wastewater system you will have a first rate system that not only reliably does what you need but also fits your budget.

I usually give the first hour for free as I get acquainted with your project, then I charge $100 per hour for services with a $500 minimum on all projects after that first hour.  Most of my projects have a total fee between $500 and $6000.  I bill on the 15th of the month with net 30 day terms.

Email works best for me for the first contact (use the contact form below). However, feel free to call or text and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thank you very much.

John Mercer