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Brewery wastewater compliance when combined with domestic wastewater

By September 12, 2023September 14th, 2023General reading, Mechanical, Treatment

The Issue:  An existing brewery must start pretreating wastewater, typically for pH, solids, and temperature to achieve discharge compliance.

The Problem:  Process wastewater pipes combine with domestic wastewater from restrooms, kitchen, etc., under the slab.  No one wants to dig up the floors inside the brewery and/or tasting room.

Solution:  I have come across this several times, solutions exist but it’s never easy.  Here are 3 different solutions.  As always, please reach out to Brewery Wastewater Design if you need help with any of this.

You can also read more about these in the MBAA talk I gave in October 2023, see this page (future tense there, will be uploaded on Oct 9).

Brewery A.  Cut into the pipe, new pretreatment installed outside.

Brewery B.  Replace toilets, existing pump stations for process wastewater only.

See here for the type of toilet that was used at Brewery B.

Brewery C.  Plug the drain outlet, add a float, pump to a new EQ tank.

None of this was easy to do, but we achieved compliance with a robust installation.  In 2 cases we avoided excavation entirely.  At Brewery A, a small section of pallet storage space needed to be uncovered, however it is still a big mess inside their facility involving a lot of trades.

Reach out to BWD if you are facing a similar dilemma.  Your solution might be similar to we can come up with something unique.

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