An EQ Tank

Wastewater pumps, you know you need them.  But which type of pump should I use?

To start with, there are two basic pumps types for this discussion.  Centrifugal or submersible, they both have their +’s and -‘s.  (Nov 8, 2019.  Bear with me as I update this site, more to come.)


As you can probably guess, these pumps sit in the wastewater tank itself.

Benefits of a submersible pump:

  • Installation is easier

Drawbacks of a submersible pump:

  • The motor, cord, and pump exterior is subject the water itself


This is what most of us think of as a pump.  It mounts to the floor horizontally with piped connections in and out of the pump.

Benefits of a centrifugal pump:

  • Only the pump head is subject to wastewater contact.
  • Proof of operation
  • Access

Drawbacks of a centrifugal pump:

  • Noise
  • Space