We get it, wastewater is the last thing you want to deal with. We’re here to help. For some it’ll be a few questions. For others they may need help with a permit application. Others may need an automated system designed for them.

We’re here to create an affordable wastewater solution for your craft brewery, getting you in compliance with local discharge regulations. We design, build, install, and startup automated brewery wastewater pH adjustment systems.¬† We also simply offer advice if that’s what your after.

We usually start with a few basic questions:

  • How big is your brew kettle?
  • Projected gross annual production per year for the first 5 years?
  • What has the city told you about discharge requirements?

Answers to those 3 simple questions usually give us everything we need to know to get started. From there we can create a wastewater model and see how the discharge requirements impact projected growth.

We have also done work for distilleries, hard cideries, and kombucha facilities as well as cities, counties, and brewers guilds.

We generally work off an hourly fee, and the first hour is free for everyone. Firm proposals are available as well for larger projects. The biggest thing to know is we try to be creative and keep things simple.

Please contact me with further questions, leave feedback, or to add you own advice.  Thanks, John

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