Thanks for reading.  I think you will agree, there is no other source of such practical information out there.  And there is a lot more to it.  Stay tuned, I will continue to add information to this page as time goes on.

  • Make sure you have a hot & cold water wash down hose located near your wastewater tanks as well as near your spent grain area. If you are in a cold climate, hot water is especially important as well as compressed air.  At the end of your washing work run compressed air through the water hose to prevent freezing.
  • When being billed sewer charges, make sure you are not billed for water that ends up in your product.  Most cities have a system in place to not bill sewer charges for irrigation water.  What you are asking for is to not bill sewer charges for beer that will be packaged and shipped out of your sewer district- or for wastewater you side streamed and will land apply (or water in spent grain, evaporation…).

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