Controls keep getting more awesome.  It’s a beautiful thing, but sometimes super awesome can be overkill.  I can get creative with controls, depending on what your needs are.  Some want simple and inexpensive, others want modbus communication with existing PLC’s.

PLC based automation

I partner with a controls shop based in Ohio with a lot of brewery experience.  Our standard control panel has a 7″ color touch screen HMI; the PLC controls all valves, pumps, flow and pH meters, and level sensors.  The system allows remote access, alarm emailing and text messaging, trend graphing, and more.  And the best feature yet is it doesn’t cost an arm and a keg.

In addition to the waste water control system, we can also provide an array of brewery control solutions. Fermenter temperature control, brewhouse automation, wastewater temperature control devices, whatever you might need.

Off the shelf automation

For a smaller system, this option is worth looking at.  It can do everything the PLC system above can, or we can keep it simple and just do a few things; depending on what your needs are.  This is a good way to save money but we need to pay attention to future needs, if growth is coming this can wind up being a more expensive option.

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