Controls and automation don’t need to be super scary, expensive sounding words.  In fact I would go so far as to say controls and automation can be very inexpensive.  There are two control systems I offer clients, PLC and relay logic controls.  

PLC based logic

I have partnered with a controls outfit who specializes in water, wastewater, and breweries.  Doesn’t that sound like a perfect fit!?  We designed a fully contained PLC, color touchscreen, process control system.  This includes all motor starters, relays, I/O, alarms, remote access, and datalogging all in one NEMA 4 enclosure.  With this we have lift station controls, automated pH adjustment, email reporting, and remote access in one.  It’s awesome, and it’s inexpensive.  Of course it can integrate with an existing PLC in your brewery if needed.

In addition to the waste water control system, we can also provide an array of brewery control solutions.  Fermenter temperature control, brewhouse automation, wastewater temperature control devices, whatever you might need.

See here for a complete description of services we offer.  

Relay Logic

This is based on standard off the shelf controllers which are inexpensive and amazingly functional.  This type of controller is common used in the boiler and cooling tower world, but we use them in this brewery wastewater application and they work great.  The system functions similar to a PLC and has inputs for pH, flow, and tank level.  Based on these inputs there are outputs for pump control, mixing, discharge, and alarms.  However this type of controller is best for small breweries with fewer automation needs, otherwise it becomes more expensive than the PLC option above.  This system also allows remote access from anywhere; you can log in from home, we can log in from our office, or the factory can log in and help troubleshoot. 

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