This page is not quite an online store, but it gives you a good idea of what we offer. Please support your favorite brewery wastewater expert and purchase through us. We offer support after the sale, often at no cost, and will work with you to find the exact equipment specification that is right for your brewery.

Some of the equipment I have custom made, some we fabricate ourselves. By purchasing through BWD we come up with a specification and order it for you. You can find some of this on your own, but it’s up to you to specify everything and get it right.


Sometimes people just have one question about their wastewater situation. Or they want advice about drain layout. Or maybe they have a complex project? I offer the first hour free for all clients. If it’s a simple project, the first hour might be all it takes? If it’s complex, the first hour will get me up to speed and actually working on a solution before billable time starts.


If you need a pH adjustment system or EQ tank, manual or automated, we regularly design these systems for breweries of all sizes.  We supply the equipment and can ship most of it preassembled for installation by your local crews.  Even better, we can come and install it and go through startup and on-site training while we’re there.  This installation option has proven to be really successful.  Even with the best plans it’s difficult to have a plumber install a system when he doesn’t know how it works, or to have an electrician put in a control system when they’re not used to anything below 110vac.  These systems aren’t a kitchen or a bathroom, almost no one has ever seen an automated brewery wastewater pH adjustment system much less install and start one up.


Custom controls

Custom PLC based controls. Amazingly this is a less expensive option than several off the shelf controllers doing the same job. All controls allow remote access, report emailing, and text message of alarms. We partner with an Ohio based panel shop with decades of brewing experience, large and small.

Off the shelf programmable controllers

There are some sweet programmable controllers available that are highly functional and compact. For instance a pH meter with 6-8 relay outputs. All controls allow remote access, report emailing, and text message of alarms.

pH meters

Not too many people use these anymore, but if you need a simple pH meter for your process we offer these as well.

pH electrodes

Of course we sell electrodes compatible with your pH meter.


We offer quality submersible and centrifugal pumps for your brewery.

Pump controllers
All pumps need a switch to turn them on and off. Some pumps require an alternating feature, others controllers offer a build in alarm.


Level sensors

Liquid level detection in your wastewater tanks. It’s trickier than you’d think.

Flow meters

We offer quality magnetic flow meters for your wastewater application.


Strainers and screening can help, but they can be high maintenance. 

A simple one goes in the lift station and if you have the room, this will save you time and headaches. It goes in the lift station under the inlet pipe to catch the big things.

We also offer a high quality, custom water jetted stainless steel shelf to support this type of basket.


Part of the package is the valves, pipes, and fittings.  We sell this type of equipment as well.


A portable floor drain? Need a good pump? Talk to us.


We have built and installed several automatic wastewater cooling systems.  What else might you need?


A few sample 3D drawings of mine are shown below for an underground, fully automated pH adjustment system.  3D drawings like this are great, they’re the future of CAD work.  I can even do 3D design work like this for the rest of your brewery if needed.  Of course I can do 2D CAD work as well, but this is much better.

A system like this is designed custom for your brewery based on your brewery size and local requirements.  Some systems are quite simple, others are more elaborate.


Having been one myself, I have a soft spot in my heart for farmers.  There are several hops growers in my area (SW Colorado), Billy Goat Hop Farm, LLC is one and they have Cascade, Chinook, Crystal and Nugget hops available.  2018 was their first harvest year and more varieties are being planted each year.  I’m putting this up on my website just to help them out, I don’t want to be a middle man, please contact them direct if you’re interested.  Best to all of you!

Chris DellaBianca,

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