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Brew pub wastewater

By September 9, 2014Uncategorized

A brew pub with a restaurant on site really should have 2 sewer lines coming out of it.  1 line for restaurant wastes (kitchen, restrooms) and another for brew pub wastewater.  The reason is kitchen and restroom waste is not regulated, and brewery wastewater can be.  It might not be regulated now in your neck of the woods, but that can change quick.  As we all know, regulations tend to get more strict as time passes.  What you don’t want to do it tear up your slab (or dining room/kitchen) in order to separate these lines.

At a minimum I recommend running 2 separate sewer lines out of the building, and tying them in together outside the building.  If you need to install pretreatment in future years the digging can be done outside.

It’s not unheard of to plan or operate a brew pub and have your regulatory agency is tell you that pretreatment is required.  Restaurant wastewater will generally only require a grease trap, but brewery wastewater can be classified as industrial wastewater.  You will probably need to adjust the pH of your wastewater to meet discharge requirements, and you might want a flow meter to measure the volume.  See me to help design this system right the first time.

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