John worked at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR from 1998 – 2010 where he operated, maintained, and managed the waste treatment facility (the appropriately nicknamed WTF) at the production brewery- among many other things.  Since then he has helped 100’s (1,000’s ?) of breweries meet their wastewater challenges.

John Mercer held a wastewater treatment plant operator license in the State of Oregon from 1997 to 2014 and has 25+ yrs of brewery wastewater and laboratory experience.

Eventually he decided leave Deschutes for a life more adventurous.  In 2010 he began a 2 year bicycle tour around the world with his wife.  Needless to say, that adventure was amazing and life changing.  They eventually settled into her hometown in Colorado.

Soon after settling in Colorado he learned there weren’t any jobs in wifey’s hometown.  But he knew he had a peculiar skill set and in 2013 started this consulting business.  It has proven to be a success and we continue to grow and expand services.  It’s great- except the staring at a computer all day part.  In 2022 they moved to Tucson, Arizona to be closer to his ‘getting up there in years’ old man.

Partial client list

At Deschutes, John’s primary job was managing the WTF and it eventually it got to the point where he could almost do it with his eyes closed. So he branched out and became instrumental in other areas such as incoming water treatment, CIP, contract development, utility management, project management, safety, capital budgeting, master planning, AutoCAD and dealing with the City of Bend Public Works Department.  Now he does this type of work for breweries around the world.

John Mercer’s credentials:

  • Licensed Wastewater Operator, Level II, State of Oregon, 1998-2014

  • Deschutes Brewery, Waste Management, 1998 – 2010

  • Brewery Wastewater Design, Owner, 2013 – present

  • B.S.  Environmental Biology, 1994, Eastern Illinois University

The newest addition to the BWD team is Hollis Brake.  Hollis fabricates and assembles most of the equipment we sell.  He also designs, fabricates, and finishes river surf boards!  Surf Colorado!  He is a mechanical engineer, professional designer, and all around good guy.

I give talks from time to time, going way back.  Here are a few of those…

This is a talk John gave at the 2017 Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, DC.  It was a 1 hour talk on the basics of brewery wastewater, with some diagrams, budget figures, and options available.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


John was a panel speaker at the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, OR in April 2015. Click below to view that talk as well as those of my co-presenters.  Cool stuff.


The presentation itself was a study of wastewater issues for craft breweries around the country.  What works, what doesn’t, and lessons learned. John surveyed 18 breweries for this talk, from tiny to huge.



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